WR Biosystem

  Best Yet and Latest Plant Growth Booster To Enhance Crop Yield  
About Us

Today in the time of fast improving and evolving technology. We witness the breakthrough in new fields like nano-technology, bio-science, quantum science, colloidal science, etc., in agriculture. Changing economic and social needs has altered the farming world. Modern farmers need new technology and products to be profitable.

WR Biosystem developed a new product to increase plant growth and produce more fruits. It is developed from bio-organic plant extract with new breakthrough product delivery technology. After many trials in the field, it is shown to improve every plant and crop when Fotogen100 is sprayed on the leaves. We have tested it on crops like paddy, oil palm, banana, pineapple, flowers and vegetables. Many farmers are really surprised by the bigger and greener plants after spraying Fotogen100.

An interesting feature is the fast result which can be seen as early as 3 days after spraying for fast growing plants like, banana nursery plant. It is different from other foliar products now selling in the market as it contains no NPK fertilizers. It works by increasing the photosynthesis rate - the process by which plants make food. More photosynthesis = More Growth.

We really hope that Fotogen100 will help all farmers to earn better income from their hard work producing food for the country.